What is a Torque Impulse Engine (TIE)?

What is a clean burning 2-stroke?(TIE)

Technical Analysis by John Heimbecker



Does your company want to continue building two stroke engines that meet EPA requirements? 

Would you be interested in an engine that could conserve fuel, decrease maintenance cost, provide more power, (torque) and can be tailored to your product line?

If any of the above sounds like something you would be interested in exploring, please take a few minutes and read on.

What is it?

"A clean burning two-stroke engine"

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Can be adapted to any type of conventional fuel
  • Scalable to fit multiple platforms
  • Significant Fuel Savings
  • Lower Maintenance
  • More Power (torque)

Our clean burning two-stroke engine is an engine that provides superior versatility, maximum power and reduction in moving parts. This may result in less maintenance. 

The ultimate elegant solution

Again we would welcome the opportunity to explain why we believe our technology solution will achieve all the claims above and put your company in a market leadership role.

Our Mission

Provide world class solutions to each customer by sharing our revolutionary patent pending technology -- which will give each company who chooses to participate via licensing a competitive advantage.


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